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Sermorelin Results: What Do People Say About It?

Sermorelin is an FDA-approved medication that, for certain patients suffering from growth hormone deficiencies, can be an effective yet lower-cost alternative to growth hormone injections.

Sermorelin is a medication that is a synthetic version of the growth hormone-releasing peptides (GHRPs) normally produced by your body. It belongs to a class of drugs known as “secretagogues” because they stimulate the “secretion” or release of other biological compounds or hormones. In the case of growth hormone-releasing peptides such as sermorelin, it stimulates your pituitary gland to produce and secrete more human growth hormone or HGH.

For patients with HGH levels that are only slightly below normal yet are experiencing the symptoms of growth hormone deficiency – even age-related GHD – growth hormone peptide therapy like sermorelin injections can be a safe, effective, and lower-cost alternative to traditional HGH injections.

Who Can Benefit From Sermorelin?

Sermorelin acetate injections are a safe and effective, FDA-approved method to treat certain patients with a growth hormone deficiency, including those with age-related or “adult-onset” GHD. In qualifying patients, sermorelin injections can be an effective yet lower-cost alternative to traditional human growth hormone (HGH) injections.

HGH is a critical hormone for strength and vitality, particularly in men. In fact, it is second only to testosterone in its impact on a man’s physical, sexual, and emotional well-being. However, like testosterone, your HGH levels also decline as you age.

This decline in HGH can lead many men between the ages of 40 and 65 to be suffering from what doctors refer to as “adult-onset” or “age-related” growth hormone deficiency (GHD).

The symptoms of age-related GHD include the following:

  • Lack of libido, erectile dysfunction, and other sexual health issues.
  • Lack of energy.
  • Weight gain.
  • Inability to build lean muscle even when working out.
  • Mood swings, depression, and anxiety.
  • Disturbed sleep.
  • Increased risk of osteoporosis due to bone density loss.
  • Memory loss and cognitive difficulties; are often described as “brain fog.”

In certain patients, Sermorelin acetate injections have been shown to improve all of the above symptoms.

Sermorelin belongs to a specific group of biological agents known as secretagogues. These highly specialized chemical compounds stimulate the secretion of specific hormones. When taking prescription sermorelin injections, you are taking a medication that has been engineered to duplicate the action of naturally occurring GHRP that triggers the release of human growth hormone (HGH).

In patients who have GHD but whose HGH levels are only somewhat below normal, Sermorelin acetate injections may be all that is required to bring their HGH levels back into the normal ranges and alleviate the symptoms of GHD. In such patients, sermorelin injections could be a more cost-effective alternative to the traditional HGH injections used to treat adult-onset or age-related GHD.

What Results to Expect After Sermorelin Acetate?

“I am over 50, and I am at that age where I looked in the mirror and did not much like who and what I saw! My energy was low; my moods were worse. I say my youth passing and me becoming the bitter old man I thought I would never become. A buddy of mine said maybe I should get my hormones checked. I came to this clinic, and all I can say now, after just a few months later on sermorelin, I’ve got my energy, my strength, and everything I love about life back!” Don. E.

“I was feeling fat, weak, and miserable. I was going to the gym and working out but still couldn’t lose weight, especially around my middle. I felt pretty fed up and disgusted with myself. I had heard about HGH loss in men my age and how it could be causing my problems, but when I saw the monthly costs for growth hormone injections, I almost fainted! Then this clinic told me I might qualify for a lower-cost alternative – sermorelin. Now, I am looking and feeling stronger and more vital every month at a price I can afford! You really should look into this stuff – it works!” Peter G.

“I completed a course taking Sermorelin acetate last year. Name any symptom of HGH decline, and I had it! Fatigue, weight gain, ED, depression; I had it all! But once I started on sermorelin shots, I saw improvements every single month. By the time I was finished, my energy level was up, my weight and my waistline was down, and even my love life improved. It’s been two months since I completed my course in sermorelin therapy, and with the help of the clinic, I have kept all the gains I made!” Mario I.

Timeline for the Before and After Benefits of Sermorelin Therapy

As you can easily see from the words of some of our actual patients above, sermorelin therapy can provide some remarkable before and after results for qualifying men with age-related HGH loss. Here are some of the other benefits you can expect to accumulate each month over the course of sermorelin therapy.

After 1 Month – The first improvement most of our sermorelin patients notice is increased energy and improved sex drive and sexual performance. In your first four to six weeks on sermorelin, you probably will also start to experience some weight loss and improved stamina.

After 2 Months – As you enter and complete month two of sermorelin injections, your energy and sex drive will continue to improve, but now you will also start to notice some significant increases in strength and muscle tone as well as much more noticeable weight loss particularly a decrease in belly fat.

After 3 Months – Once you have been taking sermorelin for three months, your physical strength and energy will continue to improve, and you will enjoy physical activities more. In month three, you should also begin to see changes in your mood, focus, and cognition. You will be less irritable and stressed, and your ability to complete complex cognitive tasks will improve. In month three, many sermorelin patients experience improved hair and skin health, and if you have been losing hair, you may see renewed hair growth.

After 5 Months – By the time you enter and complete your sermorelin therapy after 5 to six months, you will see significant before and after results. You will hardly recognize yourself as the same person you were before you started therapy. Just take a look at these actual before and after pictures of our actual patients. Like them and all of our sermorelin patients, by the time you finish your course of therapy, you will have more energy, increased strength and stamina, and an overall better outlook on life!


Does Sermorelin work?

Yes, absolutely! For qualifying patients, clinical studies have shown that sermorelin injections can be quite effective in treating the symptoms of growth hormone deficiency.

Do you need a prescription for Sermorelin?

Yes, like HGH itself, sermorelin is a prescription medication, and it can only be obtained legally with a doctor’s prescription. Only your doctor can determine if you are a candidate for sermorelin injections.

How long does it take for Sermorelin to start working?

Sermorelin injections are usually prescribed for a course of about six months. Over the course of your sermorelin therapy, you will see many month-by-month improvements. You should start to see the first benefits of sermorelin therapy within the first four to six weeks of starting your therapy.

Are Sermorelin injections safe?

Yes, sermorelin is FDA-approved for the treatment of growth hormone deficiency and, as such, is generally regarded as safe. However, like any drug, it has some potential side effects. The most common side effect of sermorelin is injection site reactions.

When is the best time to take Sermorelin?

Follow your doctor’s instructions on when to take your sermorelin injections. Most doctors recommend you inject at night, so taking your sermorelin therapy becomes part of your nighttime routine. Also, your body naturally produces most of its HGH while you are sleeping.